Glass decoration

With a glass decoration you get an additional benefit for shop windows, glass facades, glass doors, glass windows, car windows or glass partitions in offices:

Windows as advertising space

Glass windows can be labeled with company names, company logos or directional signs. Street-facing windows and doors are also well suited as advertising space. Therefore, especially in the case of business premises, a sticker is often used as window advertising. This can be opaque or, with a perforated films, offer a "see trough" view out into the open as well as advertising space from the outside.

Privacy screens on glass elements

Often it is also necessary to meet the needs of people working behind the glass: A partial application of self adhesive film in frosted glass optic offers privacy protection while at the same time assuring daylight passing through. This creates privacy and discretion when talking to customers, while at the same time providing a bright and inviting ambience. Glass decor in "frosted" optics, i.e. frosted glass, is therefore generally very popular as a design element in the interior design of office buildings.

Special window films can also be applied as glare protection or sun protection without taking away the view outside.

This way, you avoid anyone walking through the glass!

In commercial buildings, our glass decor also often fulfills a safety aspect: Many offices today are equipped with glass partitions. Often the governmental labor inspectorate requires a glass decor here, so that transparent elements become perceptible. Even with only a few glass decor elements at eye level, you get a far-reaching assurance that no one will accidentally run into large glass elements.

Lettering on car windows

Car windows can also be labeled and decorated with adhesive letters and self-adhesive logos, using all the above-mentioned options.

A special variant of full-surface glass decoration with photos, colorful images and advertising are perforated foils. These adhesive foils are provided with small holes on about 40% of the surface. They are printed on one side with your image and stuck to the outside of the window pane. From the inside, you can see through to the outside sufficiently to perceive the environment. From the outside, the eye is distracted by the image and can not recognize the individual holes from a few meters viewing distance. As a result, the printed image is seen. This form is used not only for bus windows in public transport, but also for areas where people spend short periods of time, such as ticket halls in garages, foyers or waiting areas.

Printed acrylic glass for door signs and more!

In addition to glass decoration by means of adhesive foils, you can also have transparent Plexiglas or acrylic glass printed on directly by us. This is one of the most elegant solutions for lettering in buildings. Lettering made of art glass is suitable for surgeries, office buildings, museums and exhibitions as well as backlit for use as illuminated advertising.

If the more impact-resistant polycarbonate is printed instead of acrylic glass, theft-proof showcases or safety enclosures for machines can be perfectly illustrated.

Also to interior designers printed Plexiglas is of high interest, for example for printed tabletops or high-quality art prints as wall decor.

We supply our door signs and guidance systems with stainless steel spacers for popular free-floating appearance installation. See also signs

Printing and mounting of a complete shop window display with a height of almost 4m in Vienna Backglass print (reverse side mirror-inverted) on real glass plate Frosted glass foiling, logo contour cut, frost look, privacy protection, self-adhesive foil, removable Acrylic door sign, printed on the back with white backing (backglass)

Possible substrates

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