Punching & Cutting

Cut to rectangle, die-cut to contour

Everything we print must also be brought into the desired contour: If the classic right-angled end trim is not enough for you, you can get almost any shape you want in your printed matter by die-cuttingCreasing makes cardboard foldablePerforating creates detachable partsDrilling holes makes it possible to file or bind the product together with bookbinding screws to form a fan. Rounding corners reduces the risk of injury from sharp-edged materials. Kiss-cutting turns self-adhesive film and self-adhesive paper into finished stickers of the desired size and contour.

Shape die-cutting of finished brochures

In the area of stapled brochures up to 4mm thickness we offer "Formcut" the possibility to get brochures, folders and booklets with contour cut. Whether semicircle, wavy line, peepholes, handles or body shapes like a butterfly: you are guaranteed to attract attention.

Contract die cutting up to B1 sheet size

For cardboard, we have a die-cutting machine from the packaging industry. This is particularly interesting as a service to offset printers: large runs can be offered economically and even the sheet size 72x102cm, which is too large for many printers in terms of die-cutting, can be die-cut and creased fully automatically.

Punchable and cuttable materials

We punch and cut paper and cartons from 80g/m² to 700g/m²cardboard up to 4mm thicknessplastics up to 2mm thickness. We can mill plastics with thicknesses over 2mm.

Formats for paper punching

We die cut from very small up to sheet size 720x1.020mm. Larger formats up to 2.000x3.000mm we can cut, saw or mill computer controlled.

Contour die-cutting of a butterfly-shaped brochure Contour die-cutting of a butterfly-shaped brochure Gestanzte Anhänger aus Polypropylen, Lochung, Ecken abgerundet, Siebdruck, Beschriftungsfeld