Large format printing

With large format printing, in recent years often referred to as "LFP" for short, the name says it all:

With us, you can also have really, really large formats printed!

And that up to 300 x 450cm in one piece.

We digitally print all flat materials from around 0.1mm to a maximum of 50mm thick and all formats from business card size to 3.20 x 4.50 meter XXL panels in one piece. In addition, we can also print on flexible roll materials.

Color printing and white printing in XXL

In addition to color printing in CMYK, we also offer white printing with digitally applied opaque white. The possibility of digital gloss varnish rounds off the spectrum in terms of design.

No matter whether you need posters made of paper, stickers, signs made of plastic, artificial glass printed, wooden panels, wallpaper, art photo prints or advertising boards: We'll print it for you, even if it has to be VERY BIG!

Format cutting and milling in large format printing

However, most prints also need a final format cut:

Computer-controlled, we cut, saw, mill and drill contours and indentations. And that from very small up to 2,000x3,000mmwith suitable materials and outlines also up to 2,000x4,500mm.

Large format printing, large format, aluminium composite panel, durable outdoor advertising Printing and mounting of a complete shop window display with a height of almost 4m in Vienna Printing on a pin board made of cork

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing