Milling & Plotting

Bringing contours and recesses into foils and sheets

Computer-controlled we cut, saw, mill and drill contours, recesses and cut out areas. Starting from very small sizes up to 2.000x3.000mm, with suitable materials and images also up to 2.000x4.500mm.

Cutting, sawing, milling and drilling of

  • cardboard and carton
  • self-adhesive foils
  • rigid foils
  • backlit foils
  • acrylic glass
  • rigid foam sheets
  • light foam boards
  • aluminum composite panels
  • wooden boards

Whatever your need is - we are prepared for almost any material!

Adhesive lettering and adhesive logos

Our adhesive lettering and stickers for lettering on glass doors, shop windows, metal sheets, cars, walls and similar surfaces are also computer cut from self-adhesive film. More info here.

Working on the cutting and milling plotter Digital milling and contour cutting machine (plotter)