Gluing & composite materials

We bond what should stay together for a long time

With us you can have paper, cardboard, plastics and many other materials glued together to composite material. Furthermore, we can add a self-adhesive back to all of these materials to evolve them into stickers.

Create new materials

This results in great eye-catchers such as business cards made of thick cardboard with a surface of real linen or printed woodchip wallpaper on one side. Differently colored cartons are also often brought together.

Particularly thick cardboard or plastics can also be provided with effect materials, such as metallization. This creates new materials that our customers have simply before not found with paper merchants.

Doubling up for more strength

Many types of paper are only available in grammages up to 300g/m², i.e. around 0.3mm. So what do you do if someone likes the paper but wants it thicker? Many graphic designers have unhappily had to search for another material in the past. However, this is not necessary: We can gladly merge 2 layers of your desired paper and you will get your paper in the thickness of a thick carton or even a solid cardboard. Please note, however, that the multiple layers will be seen at the edge as a thin line in the middle, where the gluing has taken place.

Almost everything can become a sticker!

It is also particularly charming to apply a layer of adhesive with masking paper. In this way, you can make almost any flat material into a sticker, whether wood, leather, cardboard, plastic or whatever you need self-adhesive.

Protection for heavy use

But we don't just bond different materials together. We also apply protective laminates to the aforementioned materials: protective laminates are particularly important in the area of stickers to increase their mechanical resistance, for example in the case of car stickers, which must also withstand high-pressure cleaners and rotating brushes in car washes. Also for signs and panels a protective laminate can significantly delay the effects of weathering and increase the product's service life.

Decorative coating prints laminated onto boards

We also laminate self-adhesive decorative films printed by us onto carrier plates with a material thickness of up to 35mm. Material widths of up to 160cm are processed automatically. Above that, we apply, if required, also by hand on your site.

More information about contour-cut, self-adhesive decorative films, such as adhesive lettering and adhesive logos can be found here!