Pocketfolder "Flappi Mappi

Multiple creased and folded cardboard and still 100% flatness thanks to hinges made of ultra-thin plastic!

Our "Flappi Mappi" is the crazy flexible folding idea for print products with that certain extra! Also known as a doctor's coatfolder, this durable folding card has been popular with the pharmaceutical industry for many years: The folder is tear-resistant, wipeable, lies flat and can be folded as desired (!), while still alwayslying flat thanks to flexible hinges made of transparent plastic.

The printed product in the medical sector

Practical: In its slim format, it fitsperfectly into standard hospital gowns. When working on patients, doctors can fold the folder with the required side facing up and place it on their thigh. The hands are free and still tables or instructions for use can be read. "FlappiMappi" is therefore a popular choice when launching new drugs or new treatment methods.

Hygienic: the surface made of ultra-thin plastic is also very easy to wipe and clean

The smart sales promotion folder for restaurants and retailers

Also the catering trade likes to have our folding cards printed. Menu cards, beverage menus or bar menu cards, printed as "FlappiMappi", offer longevity and many advantages, especially in the restaurant business: The plastic surface is resistant to liquids such as grease, red wine or coffee and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Folded in zigzag and standing upright, it also makes a very attractive table display. The transparent transitions between the sides provide an additional eye-catcher.

But Flappi Mappi can also be used for product presentations.

Surface protection in a large selection

"FlappiMappi" folding cards are available in glossymatte, matte scratch-resistant, matte soft-touch and fine linen structure surfaces.

Standard and customized pocket folders

Some popular and frequently requested variations of our "Flappi Mappi" pocket folders can be found in our webshop. In addition, we are happy to produce all other formats and page numbers tailor-made to your wishes.

Flappi Mappi, Pocketfolder, Kittelfolder, can be folded in any way and still always lies flat With conventional creasing, folded cardboard always tends to stand up or even split open FlappiMappi always offers absolute flatness, no matter how it is folded, thanks to wafer-thin plastic hinges Discover this versatile product! Flappi Mappi presentation folder for a sparkling wine producer with one product on each side as a decorative table display

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