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Sticker printing in Vienna since 1972

We are sticker printers of the first hour and have been printing stickers since 1972 in Vienna, the city where the popular Austrian nickname "Pickerl" for the printed labels probably originated. With us you get from standard to complex, from small to large, printed adhesive film and stickers in the most diverse variants.

Various applications of stickers

Stickers for product identification, test labels, printed labels on wine and liquor bottles, stickers for shipping packages, seal stickers for sealing envelopes or for certificates, stickers for labeling on equipment, window stickers in outdoor advertising, self adhesive signage film lettering on cars, boats and containers, labels on your products, company stickers, decorative stickers in interior design on glass walls and glass doors, hologram stickers against counterfeiting and copying, stickers as promotional items for events and much more:

As a sticker printer, we are your manufacturer where quality is kept high. At the same time, we are specialists in prints that bring you additional benefits beyond promotional text and logo.

With us, you can also have stickers printed even in small quantities. In contrast to large label producers, we deliver you already small numbers of pieces too.

Having stickers and labels professionally printed by simsa at a glance:

Adhesive Foil Materials

  • White stickers, matt or glossy
  • Transparent stickers, matt or glossy
  • Coloured stickers, matt or glossy
  • Metallised stickers in silver, gold, copper, red, matt scratch resistant or shiny
  • Brushed aluminium or brushed gold stickers
  • Stickers with hologram effects in silver (diffraction)
  • From adhesive films for short-term advertising to long-lasting adhesive films for permanent lettering
  • Stickers for indoor use as well as weather-resistant stickers for outdoor use
  • Vehicle stickers that can be removed again
  • Writable self-adhesive labels
  • Reflective stickers
  • Recyclable stickers made of self-adhesive paper instead of plastic films
  • Sustainable stickers made of environmentally friendly self-adhesive paper or PVC-free plastic

Sticker Specials Material

  • Protective laminates, e.g. for car stickers suitable for car washes
  • Security film against fraud: self-destructive when removed
  • Stickers made of leather, flock / velour, bookbinding linen, acetate silk, wood, pure aluminium,...
  • Removal aids for stickers punched
  • Transfer aids for adhesive labels
  • Strongly adhesive stickers (high tack), even for rough surfaces such as concrete or masonry plaster indoors
  • Anti-slip surface for floor stickers (anti-slip)
  • Stickers with magnetic base layer instead of glue for temporary labelling on metallic surfaces (without adhesive, easy to remove, reusable)
  • Stickers without glue made of adhesive film ("Clingfilm"): For temporary labelling without adhesive on smooth surfaces, such as spectacle lenses or screens.
  • Temperature-resistant stickers, both for frost and heat
  • Stickers with tactile textured embossing, such as fine linen or sand grain

Sticker contour

  • Geometric shapes such as round, square, oval or rectangular stickers
  • Body shapes such as speech bubble, heart, cloud or a similar freeform shape
  • Die-cut or cut with a slit in the back to aid removal
  • Kiss-cut on oversize to aid removal
  • Single piece or handy collective sheet with several pieces (sticker sheet), e.g. DIN A4
  • Plotter texts / film cut for adhesive lettering, adhesive logos, pictograms and adhesive symbols
Gold metallic self-adhesive label for a gin with printing and textured varnish

Print on the adhesive foil

  • Special colours according to Pantone or RAL
  • Photo printing (4c halftone scale CMYK)
  • Partial opaque white
  • Fluorescent stickers with neon colours: Stick them on and get noticed!
  • Phosphorescent stickers with glow in the dark colour
  • Precious real metallic prints on stickers
  • Varnish effects such as glitter varnish or tactile structures
  • Anti-fraud security stickers with hologram effect or security varnish that glows under note validators
Phosphor paint, also afterglow paint, glows in the dark on a sticker Phosphor paint, also luminescent paint, glows in the dark on a sticker Security sticker made of paper in metallic gold optic against counterfeiting attempts, circular die cut

Sticker Specials Print

  • Behind glass version, stickers readable through window glass
  • Stickers with tactile embossing or tactile relief varnish
  • Consecutively numbered stickers
  • Stickers with individual elements such as different varieties or names
  • Want to have personalised or coded stickers printed? With us with pleasure!
  • Also stickers as QR code stickers with serial number
  • Synthetic resin doming (cast resin dome)
  • Glitter stickers with glitter lacquer or hologram effect as background
Security stickers in metallic gold with sequential numbering

Sizes & Quantities

  • Almost any size: from a small 5x5mm sticker to an adhesive film several metres long.
  • XXL - sizes also in partial pieces with overlap for mounting together on site
  • Stickers from single pieces over small runs and up to large quantities

Simsa - The supplier for stickers and labels in Vienna!

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