Printing on synthetic leather and leather imitation

A slight modification of a common Austrian figure of speech is "What we have already printed on, is too much to write it on one cow´s skin" and even these we have already printed onto!

Real leather is hardly ever used anymore due to cost reasons, the strongly varying thickness and due to increasing consideration of animal welfare. Artificial leather made from processed punching waste from the leather industry is a possible alternative.

Absolutely impressive and deceptively genuine, however, is the large selection of printable and embossable imitation leather. Here you can also print on crocodile or lizard leather look without a bad conscience. Such imitation leather would even pass as vegan.

Colorful printing despite leather recesses

A grippy leather grain is an appealing aspect to design. In the past, ink often could not reach the indentations, i.e. the lowest levels of the surface. With our modern inkjet printing, we can reach the depths of the leather grain and achieve a uniform print image.

Printing gold and silver on leather

real metallic hot foil embossing, for example in gold or silver, also looks particularly noble on imitation leather. Real metallic color shades are also possible, such as red metallic, blue metallic, green metallic and many more.

Printing with leather look

Leather look can be used in a variety of ways: Business cards, certificate folders, menu cards, noble packaging, even stickers made of leather we have already produced.

Also printed, conventional paper can be given a touch of leather look, if we cover it with a transparent, glossy laminating foil with a leather structure embossing. This technique is called foil lamination. The view of the printed image stays retained in the best possible way.

Hot foil stamping metallic gold on leather material for book covers Print on leatherette Hot foil stamping silver metallic on suede (flock, velvet, for book covers) UV varnish high gloss in screen printing quality on imitation leather for book covers Print on coarse grained leather cover Print on coarse-grained leather binding in detail view

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing