Printing on wood

We print flat wood veneers and wood panels for you in thicknesses from around 0.5 to a maximum of 50mm. And that from the small business card to the 2,000 x 3,000mm XXL plate.

Many wooden plates for printing to choose from

  • Classic real wood
  • Plywood / Multilayer boards
  • Pressed particle boards (PSP)
  • OSB boards
  • Cupboard rear panels
  • Veneers
  • Decor panels
  • Cork

The prerequisite for this is absolute flatness.

Printing on coarse wood grain & structured wood

Strongly structured surfaces, such as brushed or coarsely grained wood panels, are also possible to be printed on. In this case, the focus is usually on the design idea, that the structured surfaces are to be retained in their natural appearance after printing.

Applications for printed wood

Wood in panel form is mostly used in interior design or for printing wooden signs. Thinner wood materials, on the other hand, are increasingly used for wooden business cards or even wooden book covers.

Digital printing UV inkjet on wood panel with coarse grained surface Hot foil stamping metallic gold on 5mm thick wooden board Multicolour print on thick wooden stand-up board Multicolour print on cork board Printing on a pin board made of cork Multicolour print on wooden panels for farms of the Upper Austrian Building Federation Multicolour print on wooden panels for farms of the OÖ Bauenbund Detail view Printing on plywood boards for the signage of a forest nature trail

Possible effects

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing