Printing iridescence and glitter in the rainbow´s colors

With our metallic hologram effects, you can have the iridescence and glitter of the rainbow colors printed. The effect is created by light refraction, also called diffraction. Depending on the viewing angle, there is light reflection in the different spectral colors, creating a holographic impression.

Silver hologram paper

  • simsa MetalPaper Hologram Paper RAINBOW SILVER: The versatile classic among hologram papers and hologram boards! A silver surface that shimmers colorfully in all the colors of the rainbow. The play of colors moves with the change of the viewing angle or the entrance angle of light, respectively.
  • Also available are special designs of MetalPaper hologram paper with other patterns, like triangles ("Cracked Ice") or small dots ("Champagne Bubbles")

Have hologram effects applied selectively

We metallize in hologram effect both on the full surface and partially, i.e. in partial areas, such as texts or logos.

In the partial area, you can choose from a large selection of different hologram designs.

As a special feature, we can also melt real single image holograms onto paper and cardboard. In this technique, we belong to a very small group of specialists, next to the printing house of the Austrian National Bank or the Austrian State Printing Office.

Different carrier materials for hologram effects

In addition to paper, carton or cardboard, we can also apply hologram effects to various plastics and self-adhesive films or self-adhesive paper.

Hologram effects on exclusive print products

Hologram effects are also perfect for premium printed matter to attract the attention of potential customers even from a distance. For example, they make for a great eye-catcheron business cards, invitations, magazine and book covers, stickers or posters.

In the case of packaging, a hologram effect can provide psychological purchase incentives that can trigger a buying impulse.

Hologram effects in security printing

Find out more about the use of hologram effects in security printing here.

Hologram effect MetalPaper Rainbow Silver, iridescent in rainbow colours Hologram effect with glazed overprinting Packaging with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text hot foil stamping copper Printed plastic tag with hologram effect silver light reflecting Hot foil stamping with hologram effect silver reflex on a magazine title Catalogue cover with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text screen printing Hologram effect silver in flowing design on a book cover Hologram effect silver with glazed overprinting, partial background in opaque white Aufkleber, Selbstklebeetiketten, Sticker, in allen Farben, Formen, Konturen und Größen Hologram effect gold on a magazine cover