Printed tags as mobile identification

  • Labels for fashionable clothing and textiles
  • Balelabels in recycling collection
  • Hangtags
  • Price tags
  • Luggage tags in hotels
  • Bottle tags
  • Event passes and tickets

With us, you can have hangtags printed from a variety of materials, whether paper, cardboard, paperboard or plastic, from very thin to rigid thickness.

Product tags as eye-catcher

Some tags are primarily intended to be eye-catching, such as on sales floors. Here, we can conjure up the necessary attention for your product through tags with print finishing.

Other tags, on the other hand, are for sensitive applications, such as brand protection, where abusive copying, plagiarism and imitation must be prevented. Here, you get enhanced counterfeit protection from us through security features such as hologram effects, metallization, tactile elements or coatings that glow under bill validators.

Tags with additional services beyond printing

Punching or die cutting in contourstear-off perforations, drilled in holes, metal eyelets or drawn-in bands for attachment are also typical requests that we are happy to fulfill.

Printed plastic tag with hologram effect silver light reflecting Gestanzte Anhänger aus Polypropylen, Lochung, Ecken abgerundet, Siebdruck, Beschriftungsfeld

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing