Certification to the Austrian Eco-Label

We have been tested according to the Austrian Eco-Label, guidelines "UZ 24 Druckerzeugnisse" and certified with the registration number UW 855. For a detailed overview of the possibilities of print finishing under the Austrian Eco-Label, please click here: Info sheet "Eco-Label and Finishing" (PDF)

Florian Simsa at the ceremonial awarding of the eco-label to Simsa GmbH by the federal minister

Purchase of 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources

We purchase 100% green electricity from renewable energy sources. Our certificates of origin are 100% Austrian, so we don't engage in any "green washing" by simply buying foreign certificates. The generation methods are, depending on the season, about 60% hydropower, 20% wind power, 10% biomass and the rest solar energy and biogas. Our environmental report on print finishing answers the questions most frequently asked of us in this area.

Photovoltaic system for the generation of sustainable electricity

We operate a photovoltaic system on those roof areas that are not vegetated. The electricity generated sustainably in this way covers part of our electricity requirements.

Vegan print finishes

The use of animal raw materials, in addition to animal suffering, is also increasingly seen as having a negative impact on the environment, for example in terms of feed procurement. In response to this demand, we have therefore decided to test our most popular print finishes for suitability as vegan:

You can get these vegan print finishes from us:

  • Film Lamination (film & adhesive) simsa Gloss and Matt Standard.
  • Film lamination (film & adhesive) simsa Matt Scratch resistant
  • Film lamination (film & adhesive) simsa Matt Softtouch
  • Film lamination (film & adhesive) simsa Fine Linen
  • Film lamination (film & adhesive) simsa Silver glossy
  • Film lamination (foil & adhesive) simsa Silver matt scratch resistant
  • hot foil stamping simsa gold standard glossy (shade 220)
  • Hot foil stamping simsa silver standard glossy
  • hot foil stamping simsa colors non-metallic on paper
  • simsa UV varnish glossy in screen printing quality
  • simsa UV relief coating glossy in screen printing quality

Please note: In the case of printed materials, one is easily inclined to assume at first glance that they are "vegan". However, scientific certainty is lacking here. The above list is based on thorough testing and reassurance with the supply partners of our raw materials. This is the only way you can be sure to actually get vegan print finishes!


  • Vegetative green roof with plants above our production
  • Recuperation of heat energy from machine exhaust air to warm up incoming air
  • Massive cultivation of leaf trees for natural shadow in summer time.

Produktion technology

  • Recovery of process heat by cross-flow heat exchangers
  • Reduced water consumption by high pressure development of screen stencils
  • Frequency modulated generation of pressured air instead of „0 or 100“ systems with high electrical consumption
  • Biodegradable solvents in our screen washing machine for cleaning print stencils


  • Choice of lamination film based upon sustainable raw materials
  • Increasing the service life of printed matters by protective coatings

Waste management

  • Resource recovery in recycling (Paper, plastic, metal, glas & wood) 
  • With waste we act by „Avoid first, reduce second, recycle third, safe disposal as last option“