Certificates, diplomas & testimonials

We are your printer for professional certificates for companies and organizations!

  • In almost any desired format
  • From 100g/m² thin paper to thick cardboard
  • Personal advice with security concept
  • With forgery protection
  • High quality printing and finishing


Unfortunately, many conventional prints can very often be deceptively reproduced even by means of a color copier. In the case of documents that certify values and rights, forgers can cause you considerable damage as a result. Printing with our security features helps you to prevent this! By increasing protection against forgery, they make criminal copying attempts much more difficult. Additionally, they cause the recipient to trust the document and your organization.

Psychologically, a nobly printed certificate is also a status symbol for the owner, representing prestige, achievement or life goals reached. Such specially printed certificates then often become a framed eye-catcher on the wall.

Having high-quality certificates printed at simsa brings you additional value beyond the mere purpose of the certificate:

They set you apart from your competitors, build trust in your company, reinforce advertising messages, generate positive attributions to your product and help build your brand.

Certificate with security feature gold metallic in detail view Quality certificate with security feature silver Quality certificate with hologram effect Company certificate with gold seal Gold seal in medal form for an award Certificate printed on simsa Metalpaper Silver Certificate printed on simsa Metalpaper Gold Diploma with gold plating Diploma with gold plating detail view Forgery protection against copies by embossed microelements and metallisation Company certificate with hologram effect Company certificate with hologram effect detail view Company certificate with silver effect real metallic Company certificate with silver effect real metal detail view Certificate with security feature gold metallic Certificate with security feature gold metallic detail view

You have many different options for implementation at your company

  • Preprinted forms for personalization at your office printer or by elegant handwritten entry for that personal touch
  • Finished certificates, with or without printed personalization
  • From thin 100g/m² paper to strong cardboard, for example for small cards
  • Any special formats as well as standard formats like DIN A5, A4, A3 etc.
  • On request also numbered, personalized or in different varieties regarding the content
  • If need be, equipped with many security features to protect against counterfeiting: iridescent hologram effectsmetallization in gold, silver or bright colorsvarnishes that glow under bill detectors, tactile embossing, coatings that change color depending on the viewing angle or strong matte-gloss contrasts through varnish effects, for example, all cannot be color-copied.
  • Even certificates on colored paper and cardboard. Even certificates on dark blue or black cardboard with silver, gold or white printing.
  • Even certificates made from paper with a metallic surface such as gold cardboard, silver cardboard or bronze cardboard.
  • Also certificates made of paper with tactile embossed surface
  • Your certificates are possible with many finishes, such as tactile printing experiencesreal metallic shineglittering points of light, deceptively lifelike imitated surfaces on photos, high-gloss varnish effects, rough structures that invite you to touch them, prints that glow in the dark, iridescent rainbow colors and much more, to name just a few examples. We will be happy to advise you!
Award printed on simsa MetalPaper gold cardboard Award printed on simsa MetalPaper Gold cardboard detail view State_certificate and decree folder Black screen printing and embossing with glossy lacquer effect, on simsa MetalPaper Gold Satin real metallic paper Certificate for the CCA Award Certificate for the CCA Award Detail Certificate form for technical examinations and trainings Detail certificate form for technical examinations and trainings Forgery protection on printed products through metallisation and texts in hologram effect gold Detail Certificate of Authenticity with forgery protection Gold with micro embossing

Everything around the certificate

Of course, you also get everything around the certificate with us:

  • Stylish and high-quality certificate folders in your design.
  • Gladly also as wing folders with glued pocket for inserting the certificate
  • Classic academic degree folders made of 2mm thick cardboard with cover
  • For the fixation of documents, plastic tabs, plastic hulls, cords or rubber bands are also available
  • Our 2-side open cardboard sleeves are also a good solution for crease-protected and undamaged mailing in an over-envelope. These can also be printed with an elegant look and eye-catching effects

Document folders and certificate covers

Relief embossing silver metallic on anthracite natural cardboard for a jeweller  Document wing folder in gold Certificate folder in gold inside view Folder for state awards with federal eagle in gold embossing Quiver slipcase for outstanding A4-sheets Quiver slipcase for several A4-sheets State award folder made of 2mm hardboard front view State Opera House folder made of 2mm hardboard side view State Opera House folder made of 2mm hardboard Interior view Certificate folder for large contents, with foil embossing black Document folder for large contents, opened inside view Gold metallic cover made of simsa MetalPaper Gold Standard with printing and embossing

Typical application areas

Have certificates, diplomas & testimonials optimally printed for:

  • Certificates to certify longer-term training courses
  • Diplomas to confirm participation in courses or seminars
  • Victory certificates in gold, silver and bronze for sports competitions
  • Awards, for example for special honors or for an anniversary
  • Printing of certificates for awards and rankings
  • Honors, e.g. for company and club memberships and many years of membership
  • Acknowledgements, e.g. for lectures or voluntary work
  • Confirmation of authenticity, e.g. for certificates of authenticity for luxury items such as noble handbags, oriental carpets or fine wristwatches
  • Confirmation of the degree of purity or quality, for example in the case of certificates indicating the carat of gold jewelry or the class of gemstones.
  • Documentation of limited series, for example in the case of art objects or collector's items
  • Certificates of value such as voucher letters or gift vouchers for special occasions, e.g. for hotel stays or wellness offers
  • Certificates and proofs of qualification for technical knowledge
  • Test certificates for technical equipment
  • Access authorizations and parkingpermits

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing