Adhesive films

For every printed sticker also the matching film

At first glance, every sticker may appear to be just a simple "sticker". However, self-adhesive films are available in an incredible variety. This means that there is a suitable product for almost every application.

Film qualities for stickers

Self-adhesive films differ first of all in their chemical composition into monomeric films for short-term, polymeric films for medium-term and cast films for long-term outdoor applications.

For indoor applications and product labels, people alternatively like to print on self-adhesive paper.

Films for 3D applications, such as for body shapes like "car wrapping" on automobiles, are also highly stretchable with no shrinkage over time.

Adhesives for self-adhesive films

There are also major differences in adhesives: some films hold without any adhesive at all, just by adhesion, for example for short-term advertising on screens or glass panes. After that, there are gradations from removable to ultra-strong adhesive. Very special films even adhere to rough surfaces such as carpet backing, concrete or brickwork.

The adhesive can also be applied only at specific points, for example with dots ("quick and easy",...) or air channels. This means that even non-professionals can apply large elements without bubbles or wrinkles.

Film colors for self-adhesive films

In addition to white and transparent, self-adhesive films are also available in a wide variety of colors, in frosted glass look, translucent colored films for light boxes, metallized films in silver, gold or hologram effects. All these films are available in both matt and gloss finishes.

Adhesive films for special cases

And then there is a wide range of adhesive films for special applications, such as: Perforated films for windows and vehicles, which offer a view from the inside to the outside and, at the same time, advertising space on the outside. Safety film that self-destructs when you try to remove it. Textile stickers made of acetate silk. Self-adhesive films with tactile structural embossing on the surface. The list could go on and on, we will be happy to advise you in more detail!

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