Plastics & synthetic materials

Printing and cutting of many plastics

With us you can have a wide variety of plastics printed and cut into shape or milled.

Plastic films, sheets and tarpaulins are largely resistant to moisture and mechanical stress. They are therefore often used for outdoor applications.

Optical properties, such as the crystal-clear transparency of synthetic glass, can as a design option also be a decisive factor in the choice.

Materials in printing on plastic

A wide variety of materials are available to you, such as:

  • Self-adhesive films, transparent, white, colored or metallic
  • Rigid films made of polypropylene (PP), transparent, white, milky or colored
  • Rigid films made ofpolyvinyl chloride (PVC), transparent, white or multicolored
  • Rigid PET films, transparent, white or milky
  • Synthetic paper such as "Synaps", thin like paper but tear and water resistant like plastic
  • Acrylic glass / "Plexiglas" (PMMA), highly transparent substitute for real glass
  • Polycarbonate / "Macrolon", very impact-resistant synthetic glass
  • Light foam sheets / "Kappa", polystyrene core with top layer of cardboard or PP, for interior applications such as ceiling hangers or murals
  • Rigid foam boards, very light but impact resistant like wood! The board in short-term interior applications, such as exhibition stands.
  • Polystyrene (PS) sheets, the classic screen printing plate
  • Twin wall sheets with linear or honeycomb inner structure made of PP, for inexpensive outdoor signs
  • Aluminum composite panels, for longest durability due to metal surface
  • Backlit / backlight film for light boxes, translucent films with perfect light diffusion
  • Wallpapers, mostly nonwovens made of cotton-synthetic blended fabric
  • Soft-touch laminates with polyurethane surface
  • Films based on renewable raw materials, such as wood cellulose/acetate or corn starch/PLA
  • You can also have us print on plastic parts provided by you

Most synthetic materials are available in wide variety of different thicknesses.

Format cutting and contour cutting of plastics

We will be happy to cut the plastics for you into the shape you require:

Right-angled cut, contour die-cut or milledperforated or corners rounded. In addition, we can also crease many plastics or provide them with a milled channel to enable precise bending.

We can also add a self-adhesively equipped back for bonding to all plastics with smooth surfaces.

Possible effects

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing