Test badges

Service stickers for inspections and maintenance of equipment

  • guarantee their functionality and
  • serve to ensure that official requirements are met

The classic inspection sticker is a seal sticker with years and months. The relevant values are punched in by the technician on site using a ticket hole punch. Alternatively, marking can be done with a pen suitable for writing on plastic using permanent ink. Title blocks, i.e. white areas for adding text, expand the possibilities for passing on information.

Test badges as advertising space

In addition to this technical benefit, having inspection stickers printed also has the advantage of providing advertising space for your company. Company logo and contact details should therefore be included on the sticker. A reference to other services that might be of interest to your customers is also a good idea.


There are additional solutions to prevent misuse and counterfeiting:

  • Sequentially numbered inspection stickers for precisely assigned documentation.
  • Self-destructing test badges when detached to prevent theft and use elsewhere
  • Test badges with counterfeit protection, such as a hologram effect or a varnish that glows under bill validators

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing