Sample service

"Our board of directors can't imagine it!"

"The marketing manager is dying to see a sample!"

"My customer doesn't know what I mean. How can I show him?"

We hear statements like these all the time.

Sample archive with examples of successful projects

With our sample service, we help you visualize your ideas and designs: Our sample archive contains around 150,000 individual samples from a wide range of areas. The probability of finding a suitable sample that you can use to illustrate and explain your ideas is very high.

Sample collection print finishing with most popular effects

Additionally, as a helpful tool, there is our "Sample collection of noble effects". This shows the most popular types of special effects printing and print finishing. On the front of each page, one specific effect is shown and can be touched. The reverse side provides brief descriptions, design tips and English translations of the most important terms in printing.

Lamination films in use in the "Golden Book of Lamination"

Our Golden Book of Lamination gives you an overview of the most common laminating films as well as many decorative or technical special films.

Sample box "Sharp prints": Printable material variety in comparison

Our sample box "Sharp prints on strong materials" shows the same  print image in comparison on a wide variety of substrates, such as metallized, self-adhesive film, acrylic glass, cardboard, wood and much more.

In case of doubt have a press proof

Do you have more questions? Or do you need clarification on certain materials? Then you can also make use of our Press proof service.