Digital printing

Digital printing: Flexible for small series, changing images

Digital printing is "computer to print": Compared to classic printing processes, no printing form has to be made. This eliminates this part of the fixed costs. This means that even small batches can be offered quickly and cost-effectively.

Frequent changes of type in the print image, numbering, and even personalization of individual prints are also much easier than in classic printing processes.

Digital printing: The almost all-rounder when it comes to materials and formats

Some people think of the word "digital printing" as a better office printer from which a colorfully printed A4 sheet comes out. Yes, we can do that, too. But we are just as happy, for example, to print digitally using UV inkjet printing on a 2 x 3 meter and 10mm thick plate of synthetic glass. Or on self-adhesive film for stickers. Or on 3mm grey cardboard. Or on wood panels. Or on wallpaper. Or on whatever you need at the moment. We will do it all according to your needs!

We digitally print on all flat materials from around 0.03mm to a maximum of 50mm thick and all formats from business card size up to 2 x 3 meters, long formats up to 4.5 meters Large Format - large format printing from one piece. In addition, we can print oversize flexible materials from the roll.

We mainly use UV inkjet printing for this purpose. Beyond colorful printing in CMYK, we also offer white printing with digitally applied opaque white. This is often used as a background printing behind colorful images, so that they can be reproduced true to color and undistorted on a dark material. The possibility of digital varnishing rounds off the spectrum in terms of design.

Digital printing: the process for individualized printed matter

Many customers also use digital printing for individualized prints: Whether personalized name certificatescoded vouchersnumbered labels for traceability, various QR codes or limited small series of art prints (1 of 100, 2 of 100, ...). In digital printing, many of such wishes can be fulfilled.

Working on the cutting and milling plotter Operator / pressman on a large-format LFP UV inkjet digital press Digital print UV inkjet on coarse structured slate stone Multicolour print on thick wooden stand-up board Printing on dark blue through-dyed paper with coarse weave structure on the surface