MetalPaper "Special Effects"

MetalPaper "Special Effect" - cardboard types

sometimes it has to be a bit more than "just" gold cardboard or silver cardboard. For a sensational eye-catcher you also get:

Hologram effect cardboard

  • Hologram effect RAINBOW SILVER: The versatile classic among hologram papers and hologram cardboards! A silver surface that shimmers colorfully in all the colors of the rainbow. The play of colors moves with the change of the viewing angle or the entrance angle of light.
  • Hologram effects with patterns, such as triangles ("Cracked Ice", "Reflex", "Shards") or small dots ("Champagne Bubbles", "Dots")

Colored metallic cardboard

  • Copper metallic (copper cardboard and copper paper), also in matte form for bronze look (bronze cartonboard and bronze paper).
  • Red metallic paper, an intense cherry red in metallic finish. A look like a reflective red Christmas tree ball.
  • Other, multicolored metallic papers on request (metallic paper in green, light blue, violet, pink,...)

Aluminum brushed / stainless steel brushed on cardboard and paper

  • Metallized cardboard in the look of brushed aluminum or stainless steel
  • Variety in silver satin finish with a very fine and discreet brush  effect
  • Variety Simsa "Brushed": Metallization with highly tactile, coarsely brushed surface in glossy silver or gold

Metallized board with tactile surface structures

  • Metallization with palpable sand grain in the surface, in silver or gold glossy
  • Metallization with palpable fine linen structure in the surface, in silver or gold glossy
  • Metallization with soft-touch surface, rubber or latex-like sense of touch, in silver or gold glossy

Possibility of individual design

  • Sheet sizes from business card size to 700x1,000mm (metallized area 680x980mm)
  • Material thickness from approx. 120g/m² to approx. 0,5mm
  • Finishing as self-adhesive film or self-adhesive paper for stickers (MetallicSticker)
  • Printed (In case of surface structures only before their application), partially effect coated, die-cut, punched, folded etc.

We are looking forward to your request for a tailor-made MetalPaper for your demand!

Hologram effect MetalPaper Rainbow Silver, iridescent in rainbow colours Printed plastic tag with hologram effect silver light reflecting Catalogue cover with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text screen printing MetalPaper silver brushed aluminium, metallised cardboard in brush look Hologram effect silver with glazed overprinting, partial background in opaque white Invitation cover in brushed aluminium and silver look Interior view of invitation cover in brushed aluminium and silver look Foil lamination in structure embossing Fine linen on paper Foil lamination in structure embossing sand grain on paper Foil lamination in structure embossing brushing on paper