Whether it's the construction site on your way to the office, your workplace or the afternoon shopping at the local supermarket. When you're out and about, it's very possible that you'll unknowingly pass by one of our signages.

Self adhesive lettering / plotter texts

  • Personal advice instead of online guesswork
  • We can take care of the assembly on site
  • All sizes, colors and shapes
  • Customized instead of standardized specifications

Adhesive letters, self adhesive texts and self-adhesive logos for signage, lettering, texts and advertising on glass doors, shop windowsmetal sheets, cars, walls, mirror surfaces, windows, plates and similar surfaces. Our adhesive letterings are suitable for sticking on flat as well as cylindrically curved surfaces.

Texts and simple logos are cut exactly to contour from a self-adhesive film by computer. These cutting machines are called "plotters". As a result, the term "plotter text" has also come to be used in German as a synonym for self adhesive lettering or signage.

In the case of a rectangular sticker made of transparent film, you can see through the film to the substrate in unprinted areas. Nevertheless, you can still see a little bit that it is overlaid by the film. This is solved more elegantly with adhesive lettering: Here, the surroundings of the texts remain freely visible.

You can also have adhesive lettering printed in multiple colors.

Adhesive lettering is easy to apply

With the help of a so-called transfer paper, also called application tape, you can easily apply the adhesive lettering. If you wish, we can also install the adhesive lettering for you on site or organize installation by our partner company, for example if scaffolding is required due to the height.

Lettering, visual protection & occupational safety through adhesive films

Adhesive lettering has a special dual function in glass decoration. Here, several wishes are often served at the same time, such as lettering, advertising, visual protection and often also to make sure,that no one accidentally walks into large glass elements.

Foil colors for adhesive lettering, adhesive logos and plotter texts

Signage with synthetic glass plates

Signs printed from transparent Plexiglas or acrylicglass, i.e. PMMA, is one of the most elegant solutions for signage in buildings. Signs made of synthetic glass are suitable for doctor´s offices, museums, office buildings and exhibitions, as well as backlit for use as illuminated advertising.

If the more impact-resistant polycarbonate is printed instead of acrylic glass, theft-proof showcases or safety enclosures for machines can be perfectly illustrated.

Furthermore interior design has also long discovered printed Plexiglas, for example for printed tabletops or high-quality art prints as wall decoration.

We supply our door signs and guidance systems with stainless steel spacers for popular free-floating-look installation. See also glass decor.


We have been producing stickers in all sizes, shapes and colors for more than half a century. Just benefit from this knowledge and find out more at the menu item stickers.

Test badges

Service stickers for inspections and maintenance of commercial and industrial equipment. You can find more information here at the menu item inspection stickers.

Signs & printed Boards

Have boards and signs printed on opaque plastics or aluminum composite material: For construction sites, markings, warning signs, information boards, directional signs, advertising signs and the like. With us you get a wide range of suitable solutions. More information at the menu item signs.

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