Printing wallpaper

Printed interior design has even entered the industry language with the term "printeriors". In this context, having wallpaper printed is an essential core element of printed interior design: Especially for short-term use for events, showrooms or exhibitions, wallpaper offers many printed square meters of decorated wall at a reasonable price.

Surfaces for printed wallpaper

Printed wallpapers are usually made of paper or non-woven plastic. The choice of designs, from natural to woodchip to linen embossing also brings design flexibility and pleasant to the touch.

Printing real linen fabric wallpaper

For an upscale ambience, you can also get real fabric wallpapers with imprint of your image: These have a back of paper for gluing with wallpaper paste and a front of finely woven linen fabric.

These linen wallpapers are available both in white and in many bright colors, where the fabric is dyed through. White is ideal for printing with precisely specified shades. On the other hand, in the case of chromatic colors, the focus is on the very homogeneous appearance of the through-dyeing.

In addition printing on ceiling elements

While wallpapers decorate the vertical walls of the room, there are often suspensions on the ceiling to hide piping and electrical installations. We can also print such ceiling panels for you, such as those known from drywall construction as grid ceilings.

Printed wallpaper canvas with coarse linen look Printed wallpaper Canvas with woodchip look Printed wallpaper canvas with woodchip look Canvas printed wallpaper with woodchip look Printed wallpaper with smooth standard look

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing