Have signs printed

We print boards and signs from very small to several meters long, from thin to several centimeters thick.

Information boards and signs accompany us throughout our everyday lives: Whether at the construction site on the way to work, in the office building, in the elevator, in the doctor's office, in public places, on the boards at the soccer field, in the museum or while shopping in the shopping center. When you are out and about, it is very possible that you will unknowingly pass by one of our signage.

With us, you can have almost any type of company signbillboard, construction site signidentification sign, warning signdirectional sign, and advertising sign printed.

With the variety of materials, you can choose the optimum for your application:

Opaque plastics

Opaque plastics are available as hard sheetslightweight foam sheets, as well as ultra-lightweight twin-wall sheets in linear or honeycomb inner form. The plastics typically used here are polypropylene or polystyrene. These materials are often used in point-of-sale advertising or for election advertising.

Transparent plastics

Transparent plastics made of Plexiglas or acrylic glass are very popular for lettering on and in buildings. Lettering made of synthetic glass is suitable for surgeries, office buildings, museums and exhibitions as well as backlit for use as illuminated advertising.

If the more impact-resistant polycarbonate is printed instead of acrylic glass, theft-proof showcases or safety enclosures for machines can be excellently illustrated.

Also interior design has discovered printed Plexiglas for itself, for example for printed tabletops or high-quality art prints as wall decor. In the field of art, acrylic glass is also often used as base layer or presentation stage for art photo reproduction.

Aluminum composite panels

Composite aluminum sheets are particularly resistant to bending and mechanical impact. They can therefore withstand high wind pressure and are often used as construction site panels.

Wooden panels

You can also have wooden panels printed by us. Here, the focus is usually on design, for example when strongly structured surfaces are to be retained in their natural appearance after printing.

Sign made of hollow honeycomb board, printed, low weight, PP polypropylene Printed sign made of PP polypropylene, punched and perforated Printed sign fire extinguisher made of PS polystyrene Self-adhesive sign, transparent rigid PET film, printed inside Metallised wobbler, printed and die-cut UV inkjet digital print on various materials (thin foil, acrylic glass, wooden board)

Illuminated walls for illuminated advertising and interior design

Typical light boxes are deep and voluminous, with us you can have ultra-flat light advertising printed instead: A thin light panel uses LED technology to ensure an all-over constantly even light diffusion with strong luminosity. The backlit image can be changed in a flash and very easily by means of hinged rails. Seasonal messages and promotions can be advertised quickly, and the previous image is stored rolled up to save space until the next use.

The entire illuminated folding frame is just two finger widths deep to save space. And the best thing about it: The illuminated folding frame is tailored exactly to your desired size! This also makes it easy to adapt to spatial conditions.

Do you have areas without sufficient daylight and therefore need electric lighting there anyway? Then use them as advertising space with illuminated displays! Especially foyers and entrance areas in offices, hotels and company buildings can be designed in a representative way.

Light surfaces are also popular in interior design. Thus, illuminated walls with decorative images can be found in business premises, bars, restaurants, luxurious private apartments and modern hotels.


LED illuminated folding frame ultra-flat, exchangeable image foil printed digitally

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