Varnish effects

With effect coatings, you can have your print products finished in a variety of ways:

Simsa UV coating Standard in screen printing quality

The high-gloss varnish coating for maximum matte/gloss contrasts on your printed matter! Whether it's a champagne glass, the new car model or your company logo, this high-gloss UV coating lets you effectively set off important image elements from the background, which remains matte. This way you emphasize what is really important! At the same time, the water-wet sheen of the UV coating brings a positive freshness to your image.

In addition to the visible and tactile enhancement of printed products, UV coatings are also popular in security printing. They serve as a cost-effective entry-level counterfeit protection, since they cannot be reproduced by color copiers or conventional printing presses.

High gloss UV varnish in screen printing quality, partially applied Hot foil stamping pink/magenta and UV varnish Offer folder with gold foil stamping and UV gloss varnish on cardboard in detail view Logo UV varnish and hot foil embossing white on effect cardboard Event invitation with tactile UV gloss varnish and white print on black uncoated cardboard - detailed view UV varnish high gloss in screen printing quality on imitation leather for book covers Presentation folder champagne gold metallic with linear lacquer structures UV varnish high gloss screen printing on embossed, black through-dyed, uncoated uncoated paper

Simsa "UV Varnish PLUS"©

As before, but additionally with a higher coating layer, already easy to notice with your fingertip, to additionally appeal to the sense of touch.

Relief varnish for tactile prints

The coating with the maximum three-dimensional effect in print.

Our tip: Prefer to design with many finer elements and spaces in between. This way, the fingertips experience a memorable, tactile up and down roller coaster ride when touching your print product.

In addition to high-glossrelief laquer coating is also available in a matte version. With this, you can discreetly and realistically bring the feel of natural surfaces to paper. For example, you can print the grain of a wooden board, tree bark, or the knobs of a basketball in a very lifelike manner.

Fine relief varnish on black through-dyed uncoated paper, screen printing Highly tactile relief coating with tree bark structure, screen printed Good tactile relief varnish on black through-dyed uncoated paper, screen printing Impressive haptic effects are possible with our relief lacquer Three-dimensional relief varnish screen-printed on black natural cardboard Relief varnish and screen printing red on black through-dyed uncoated paper Packaging made of black natural cardboard with relief varnish and screen printing in red Mailing with tactile knitted look due to relief varnish Mailing with tactile knitted look through relief varnish Detail view Mailing with tactile knitted look through relief varnish Detailed view

Simsa glitter varnish

Want a little glitter and glamour for your printed communication? We conjure up sun glitter, reflective ice crystals and star sparkle for you! Find out more about our glitter coating here.

Glitter varnish / glitter varnish gold on paper to simulate a Christmas tree ball Glitter varnish gold in screen printing quality on paper Screen printed gold glitter varnish on paper Tactile glitter varnish hologram gold in screen printing quality on paper Silk screen quality silver glitter varnish on paper

Simsa "Colorlack" varnish

Tinted gloss varnish coating with color shades for additional visual enhancement of a coating images. Available in many color shades, but always with a transparent view onto the printed image.

Simsa "Good Lack" varnish effect

Microfine lacquer structures from our "Good Lack" patterns catalog invite you to create eye-catching graphic designs. In addition, images of objects can be visually enhanced with fine details, such as fabric weaves or audio record grooves.

Micro-fine lacquer structures from our Good Lacquer catalogue (example no.6 "Floor Square") Good Lack, fine, tactile lacquer structures, here simulation of an upholstery fabric, screen printing on paper

Simsa structure varnish "The Rough"

The effect varnish for imitating rough surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, sandpaperstone or masonry: We print natural structures using UV varnish with coarse particles in thick-layer screen printing quality. Make your images look even more lifelike.

 Rough, tactile textured lacquer "The Rough" in screen printing quality tactile rough textured lacquer simsa The Rough imitates a skateboard footboard tactile rough textured varnish simsa The Rough Tactile rough textured varnish The Rough for neurodermatitis information campaign

Simsa lemon peel varnish "Lack Orange" and water imitation varnish "Wet Look"

Have images of peels of citrus fruits, such as oranges or lemons, printed lifelike. Imitate rain-soaked surfaces in your printing. With us you get the solution to do so.

High-gloss lacquer with tactile citrus peel effect, produced by screen printing Orange lacquer textured lacquer in the look of citrus peel or damp surfaces Orange lacquer textured lacquer with the look of citrus peel or moist surfaces

Anti-counterfeiting varnish / black light lacquer

This varnish, which is barely noticeable in normal light , suddenly glows neon under bill validators and "black light" from discotheques. More information on this can be found in the section on effect colors.

Security coating under normal light Security coating under test light (black light, note tester, disco light)

Scented coatings

Conjure up fragrant scents printed on paper. You can find more info at the item Scent Printing.

Possible materials

We finish almost all of our coating effects for you onto a variety of materials:

  • Coated paper and cardboard
  • Uncoated uncoated paper and cardboard
  • Matt film laminated paper and cardboard
  • Cardboard and paperboards up to several millimeters thickness
  • Self-adhesive films
  • Various plastic substrates

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing