Paper, carton and cardboard

From very thin to as strong as a rigid board, from uncoated paper with rough surface to cast-coated ultra flat paper surfaces, from highly smooth to coarsely textured, from open-pored absorbent to impermeable coated: With us, you can have almost all papers, cartons and cardboards printed, finished, cut to size or contour die-cut.

Paper and Carton

In the area of paper and carton, we process grammages from around 40 - 700g/m², depending on the desired printing and finishing.

Design papers in particular, such as uncoated, solid-colored natural cartons, offer a great stage for presenting your message: Here, discreet printing with a selective finishing, such as a text in high-gloss UV varnish, is often enough to create an effective work of art.

We also print on special papers such as sandpaper, flocked velour paper, watercolor paper or pre-glued stamp paper for postage stamps.

From 40g/m² thin printing paper we offer wrapping paper up to the size 600x460mm. This gives especially wine bottles, sparkling wine and spirits a classic touch when giving away. The wrapping paper is also suitable as an advertising space to generate interest for follow-up business among the persons receiving the gift.

Even on provided, finished paper products, such as paper bags or finished books, printing is often feasible, for example to imprint accidentally forgotten texts or logos or to serve the demand for small runs for trade fairs or events.

In addition to printing and processing paper, we also produce new paper-based materials:

We use protective film coatings to create barriers, for example against the passage of grease or moisture, and make paper more durable. Papers coated in this way can then be hygienically wiped clean when they got dirty or wet and are also significantly more resistant to mechanical tearing.

By metallizing, we conjure up real metal on the surface of the paper. The result is silver paper, silver carton, gold paper or gold carton. Special designs such as paper with a hologram effect or a surface with an aluminum brushed look or in metallic colors can also be achieved. And all of this can be tailored to your desired size, thickness and paper grain direction. You can find more information about this at the point MetalPaper. We are also happy to provide you with finished products on metallized paper, such as certificates, business cards or posters.

Various finishing effects on glued stamp paper Paper bag printed on brown recycled paper Printing on dark blue through-dyed paper with coarse weave structure on the surface 30g/m² light wrapping paper white for bottles, colourfully printed. Also called hat wrapping paper or tissue paper. UV varnish high gloss screen printing on embossed, black through-dyed, uncoated uncoated paper

Cardboard and high volume carton

We print and process cardboard and carton grades with particularly high material thicknesses up to around 4mm material cross-section dimension or material diameter, respectively.

Many designers like to use industrial or archaic-looking substrates, such as grey chipboard or mechanical pulp board, as a high-contrast stage for printing. Adding even more contrast by special finishing techniques, such as metallized text or partially applied high gloss varnishes, gives the noble touch on top of it.

Printing on acid-free archive museum board, that is several millimeters thick but pure white on all sides is also a particular eye-catcher. In print, this surface is comparable to classic, uncoated offset paper. At the same time, the cardboard surprises with its several millimeters of thickness and high stiffness.

Colored cardboard, in turn, elegantly rounds off the spectrum for creative use. They are often used as cover and end sheets for presentation folders, for example. Furthermore, colored cartons are often chosen for business cards, where the cutting edge shall be in the same color as the surface.

Hot foil stamping light green metallic on grey cardboard for an invitation Business cards made of 1-3mm thick cardboard, grey, white and coloured Print on continuous white 3mm thick cardboard (museum cardboard) 2-colour printing and deep embossing on thick grey board for art book cover Screen printing neon green on 2mm thick grey cardboard Hot foil stamping and screen printing on grey cardboard for an invitation Business cards made of 1,5mm thick cardboard, grey and white Business cards made of 1.5 mm thick grey cardboard, partly printed in wood look

Corrugated board and twin-wall sheet board

We print corrugated board from thin graphic flute (O-, G-, N-flute) to mini, micro and fine flute (F-, E-, D-, B-flute) to medium, coarse and maxi flute (C-, A-, K-flute). We can also print double flute made of multiple layers, also known as duplex flute or combination flute for you. We print on corrugated board formats up to 3,000mm long and 2,000mm wide. Due to the non-contact printing in the industrial inkjet printing process, particularly beautiful results are achieved, especially with photo-realistic image reproduction.

We print on twin-wall sheet board, such as Fipa® or Re-board®, up to a thickness of around 45mm and also up to a maximum format of 2,000x3,000mm.

One-sided open visible fluting corrugated board is offered in smaller formats up to 700x1,000mm and, for packaging, offers attractive possibilities for imaging using debossing or hot foil stamping.

Hot foil stamping on open flute (corrugated board without cover paper) White corrugated board side view Colourful inkjet print on white corrugated board Digital printed corrugated board white Deep embossing on one-sided open coloured corrugated board

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