Admittedly, we printed our last T-shirt at the end of the 1990s, before textile printing finally established itself as a separate industry. However, some things have remained with us where textile fabric is not used for garments, upholstery or curtains:

  • Printing on book cover fabrics such as bookbinding linen
  • Flocked velour stickers with velvet surface
  • Banner and tarpaulin material made of synthetic fabric
  • Wallpapers made of real linen fabric with paper backing for wallpaper paste. These linen wallpapers are available both in white and in many bright colors, in which case the fabric is dyed throughout. White is ideal for printing with precisely specified shades. On the other hand, in the case of chromatic colors, the focus is on the very homogeneous appearance of the through-dyeing.

However, we also receive a lot of crazy fabrics, mostly when it comes to unusual mailings:

For example, we have also printed textile fabrics such as physiotherapeutic kinesiotapes or surgical masks.

Or about 2mm thick business cards with a pink traditional costume fabric surface for a folk music group!

The imagination is limitless...

UV inkjet digital print on coarse linen fabric with coloured inks and white background Screen printing on handmade blue fabric for book covers Screen print multicoloured on red bookbinding cloth for hardcover book cover Silkscreen white on blue bookbinding cloth for hardcover book cover Screen printing red on coarse bookbinder s cloth for hardcover book cover Printed mouth protection mask (surgical mask, face mask) Printed textile sticker made of acetate silk 2mm thick business card with traditional fabric on the front and pure white, writable reverse side Orange screen print and black hot foil stamping on coarse linen structure for a book cover Black hot foil stamping on coarse linen structure for a book cover

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing