Stamped parts from individual one-offs to large series!

We transform

  • paper
  • foil-coated paper
  • cardboard
  • plastic films from 0.1-1mm
  • plastic sheets from 1-3mm
  • rigid foam sheets from 1-3mm

into technical die-cut parts and blanks that are perfectly customised to your needs.

Basically almost all raw materials that are available as sheets or plates!

And also printed!

Many raw materials are available in different colours. You can therefore have your die-cut parts and blanks produced in white, transparent, black and bright colours.

Typical examples are

  • Measuring scales, printing on transparent plastic, as insert parts in reading devices
  • Contact breaker for batteries, for shipping a new device with battery, receiver pulls out the grip tab and the part is ready to go
  • Overlays for maps with slope counters, distance pointers for various scales and the like
  • Templates for assembly, for example for marking drill hole positions or setting correct distances
  • Transparent rulers, also bendable and rollable made from flexible thin films
  • Spacer rings for mechanical engineering
  • Plug-in parts / components
  • Small plates
  • Product tags, case tags, bale labels
  • intermediate layers
  • Release films
  • Separating plates
  • Insulating parts / insulating layers
  • Contour punching of plastic in general
  • Flat die-cut parts production from PP, PVC, PET, PS,...
  • Flower pot plugs
  • Fat resistant board for fish, pastry, cakes and the like, also metallized