Scratch cards

Printing scratch cards

Scratchcards are a very popular form of sweepstakes that psychologically targets human curiosity. In addition to passive reading, active engagement occurs during scratching. This increases attention span and memory.

However, having scratch fortunes printed does not only appeal to individuals. At social events, such as beer tent celebrations, clubs, discotheques or fun fairs, scratch cards contribute to good, communal entertainment.

Codes are also often hidden under scratch cards. These codes can be access authorizations to websites, license numbers or serve to activate software or online services.

The classic scratch card has silver or golden scratch fields. The scratch-off ink is coated directly onto the printed paper. We are also happy to partially coat scratch-off ink on printed sheets  provided by other print companies. All other customers can purchase ready-made scratch-off cards from us.

Scratch cards also for small print runs

For small batches, high time flexibility or in-house printing, our scratch-off labels are an alternative. Colloquially, these are often called scratch-off stickers for short. Here, you can apply the scratch-off fields by yourself in the form of self-adhesive labels, whenever and whereever you want. Use the simsa webshop here as well, with both standard sizes and a configurator for your very specific dimensions.

Scratch-off photos for amazing picture changes

In addition, there is also the scratch-off photo label, or scratch-off photo sticker, in the form of self-adhesive labels: Here, a colorful photo can be scratched off and reveals the pasted background. In addition to sweepstakes or fortunes, this variant is very popular for high-quality mailings or invitations. Unexpected image sequences can be used to conjure up amazing moments of surprise.

Scratch-off ink printing

Direct scratch-off ink printing on paper

For printing rub removable ink on paper as a substrate, we usually use a base coating that prevents scratch ink from penetrating the paper´s surface and an opaque scratch coating, the actual scratch ink.

We produce the following rub removable coatings, proven a million times over:

  • Rub-off ink Silver matt directly coated on printed paper
  • Rub-off ink Gold Matt directly coated on printed paper
  • White scratch-off ink directly coated on printed paper, but only for images with low contrast

Scratch-off ink stickers / Scratch-off ink labels

The ideal print product for short runs of scratch cards!

With a simsa scratch label, you have the alternative of applying a scratch coating by yourself. You receive transparent self-adhesive labels with a scratch coating. These scratch labels are kiss-cut to several pieces on a handy sheet. Simply remove the label from the backing paper, stick it on your printed image and the scratch ticket is ready to use. In size and contour you have extensive freedom of choice: In addition to classics such as circles or rectangles, we have even supplied scratch hearts for wedding invitations :-) The sizes range from very small, like a fingernail, up to 680x980mm maximum size.

Our scratch labels are suitable for small series, high time flexibility or printing underneath on your own. You can also keep the scratch-off labels in the form of self-adhesive labels in your office drawer and apply them yourself whenever and wherever you need them.

Our scratch-off labels or scratch-off stickers allow you maximum flexibility:

  • Tailor-made in the size, shape and number of pieces you want.
  • Easy handling: peel off, stick onto, done!
  • Independent of the surface, i.e. also on very rough, absorbent uncoated paper or digital prints
  • Directly available for everyone - no need to commission a print shop with the entire print product
  • In times of increasing data sensitivity, a way to guarantee 100% discretion and secrecy, as no third party can gain access to the printed material.

We produce, millionfold proven, the following scratch labels:

  • Silver Matt scratch labels
  • Gold matt scratch labels
  • Combination: Gold images or text on Silver full area surface

In our simsa webshop you will find standard sizes as well as a configurator for your very specific dimensions. Additional sizes and shapes are available on request.

Photo scratch labels - The photo that can be scratched off

The simsa photo labels, often also called "scratch photo stickers", allow you to scratch away a colorful printed image to reveal an underlying image of your printed paper. In addition to texts and logos in any color, photos can also be realized. In particular, unexpected sequences of images can be used to create amazing moments of surprise.

The scratch-off photo labels are also kiss-cut in several pieces on a handy sheet. Simply peel off, stick on the print and the surprise effect is ready. In size and contour you also have with our scratch photo stickers extensive freedom of choice, from very small, like a fingernail, up to 680x980mm size.

Scratch-off scratch-off ink Gold applied to printed paper to cover the printed image of a scratch-off game Silver scratch-off ink applied to printed paper to cover the printed image of a scratch-off game Transparent self-adhesive labels with scratch-off coating are removed from the backing paper Transparent self-adhesive labels with scratch-off coating are simply stuck on and the scratch-off ticket is finished Tailor-made scratch-off stickers to be applied by the user himself Scratch-off stickers with scratch-off photo print to reveal the background for a scratch-off game Multi-coloured scratch-off field applied to printed paper to cover the printed image of a scratch-off game

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