Hologram effects

Printing in the iridescent colors of the rainbow

With our metallic hologram effects, you can have the iridescence and glitter of the rainbow colors printed. The effect is created by light refraction and reflection, also diffraction. Depending on the viewing angle, there is light reflection in the different spectral colors.

Hologram effects

We deliberately use the term hologram effect because the color-changing effect of a hologram is in the foreground in most applications. However, the images involved are two-dimensional such as triangles, dots, stars or simply silver smooth. Microembossing can be used to incorporate additional customer-specific patterns, such as texts or logos.

Hologram effects are perfect eye-catchers for book covers, brochures or invitations . For certificates, diplomas and vouchers , there is also the added benefit of forgery protection against color copiers .

Real holograms

Technologies that go beyond this are also possible, but are much more complex: real holograms show holographically generated 3D images with depth effect. So-called "kinegrams"™ impress with two-dimensional motion sequences with changing viewing angles. These technologies can also be seen on a number of euro banknotes. They are mainly used in high-security printing, such as for banknotes, ID documents, or credit cards. However, in the case of vouchers or high-priced branded products, a higher print run can also justify commercial applications.

Single image holograms

We therefore also offer the positionally accurate application of genuine single image holograms, also called single image registered holograms. Most standard holograms have, within the applied outline, a continuous wallpaper pattern, such as stars, triangles or logos. The positioning varies a little bit from piece to piece, which nobody notices.

With single image holograms, however, an image is positioned precisely within the contours. A well-known example was the Mozart head on the famous Austrian 5,000 Schilling banknote.

You can find out more about the use of hologram effects in security printing here.

Eye catcher for premium printing

Hologram effects are also perfect for attracting the attention of potential customers from a distance. For example, they generate a great eye-catcheron business cards, invitations, magazine and book covers, stickers or posters.

hologram effect can also be used on packaging to create a psychological incentive to buy.

Possibilities of hologram effects in printing

We metallize in hologram effect both on the full surface and in partial areas, such as texts or logos.

We can apply hologram effects to paper, cardboard, various plastics and self-adhesive films.

In the assortment of our simsa MetalPaper brand, we also carry hologram paper and hologram cardboard with the brand name "MetalPaper Rainbow Silver".

Packaging with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text hot foil stamping copper Hologram effect silver with glazed overprinting Hologram effect with glazed overprinting Textured foil stamping hologram effect silver Printed plastic tag with hologram effect silver light reflecting Hologram effect MetalPaper Rainbow Silver, iridescent in rainbow colours Hot foil stamping with hologram effect silver reflex on a magazine title Catalogue cover with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text screen printing Hologram effect silver in flowing design on a book cover Hologram effect silver with glazed overprinting, partial background in opaque white Aufkleber, Selbstklebeetiketten, Sticker, in allen Farben, Formen, Konturen und Größen Security sticker in hologram effect silver with text "Genuine/Original" against counterfeiting attempts, die-cut, detail view Foil stamping silver on effect foil Sparkling wine cardboard with hologram effect transparent to simulate the rising bubbles in sparkling wine Hologram effect gold on champagne packaging Paper product voucher with hologram effect silver against counterfeiting attempts Paper product voucher with hologram effect silver and varnish effect against counterfeiting attempts Paper goods voucher with hologram effect silver against counterfeiting attempts

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

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