Glitter varnish

Glitter & Glamour in Print

Need a little glitter and glamour for your communication? We conjure up sun glitter and star sparkle for you!

When you have glitter varnish printed by us, you get many small, light-reflecting platelets, the so-called "glitter" on you printed matter. Those little mirror particles are bound to the paper by a high-gloss varnish. Whenever the light is reflected from one of these small mirrors into your eye, you will see a glittering sensation. Because of the different orientation of these mirrors, they glitter at different times as the subject moves. This creates a sparkling and varied printed glitter experience.

The sparkle in itself is beautiful. In addition, it can also be used to enhance printed images of glittery things, such as ice crystalsChristmas decorationjewellerymakeup or nail polish in an even more lifelike way.

And so, in the world of fashion and beauty, with glitter we end up back with the word "glamour" used at the beginning.

Color shades for printed glitter lacquer

Our glitter varnishes come in many different colors:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Multicolor (mixture of gold, silver, red, blue and green)
  • Single Color
  • Iridescent (Transparent mother-of-pearl effect)

The lighter the shade of the glitter, the stronger the light reflection, the better the effect. Therefore, gold and silver provide the most impressive effects.

Glitter varnish / glitter varnish gold on paper to simulate a Christmas tree ball Glitter varnish gold in screen printing quality on paper Screen printed gold glitter varnish on paper Tactile glitter varnish hologram gold in screen printing quality on paper Silk screen quality silver glitter varnish on paper

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing