Real metallic effects

Precious metal on printed matter brings you advantages

Precious metals have fascinated people since the dawn of civilization. Gold and silver have a very positive connotation in our subconscious and in society's perception. They build bridges to strong concepts in the human brain. Printed gold stands for prosperity, stable value, prestige, luxury, profit, anniversary as well as the gold medal of the winner in sport competitions. With silver, there is also an appeal to high-tech. When you have real metallic effects printed, you get these positive attributions for your product and brand.

In addition, real metallic effects are of course a great eye-catcher that invites people to engage with your printed product.

In the field of packaging, metallic effects on folding boxes serve as a psychological incentive to buy, i.e. such print enhancements can trigger the buying impulse within consumers.

In addition to visual enhancement, real-metal printing also plays a major role in counterfeit protection, for example on vouchers or certificates, because color copiers and conventional printing presses cannot reproduce the real metal. You can find more information on applications in security printing here Security Printing

Real metal printed on paper and cardboard

Make the most of the graphic design of your print products:

  • Gold metallic in various color shadesmatte as well as glossy
  • Silver metallic, matt as well as glossy, also in silver gray or platinum
  • Metallic bronze and copper shades
  • Metallic chromatic colors like red, green, blue, turquoise, pink and many more
  • Brushed aluminum / stainless steel optic
  • Hologram effects shimmering in rainbow colors
  • Metallic effects, such as rainbow color gradients, iridescent oil puddles or patterns with antique patina

Prints with metal coating

We metallize both the entire surface and partial areas, such as texts or logos.

In addition, we metallize either flat, in three-dimensional relief, or with microscopically fine structures incorporated into the metallization, allowing us to create patterns, texts, logos or even images.

For the metallization of paper, cardboard, plastics and self-adhesive foils, we use real metal in wafer-thin form.

This is how we magically conjure up, among other things, a genuine metallic look on magazine covers, book covers, image brochures, vouchers, business cards, packaging, wing folders, tags or stickers.

MetalPaper & Metallic Sticker

You can find out more about our metallized papers, cartons and self-adhesive films here.

Gold & Silver

3D foil relief embossing in metallic gold look, light-reflecting, tactile Silver foil embossing and screen printing on black through-dyed cardboard Gold metallic cover made of simsa MetalPaper Gold Standard with printing and embossing Bar card silver metallic made of simsa MetalPaper Satin with printing Relief embossing silver metallic on anthracite natural cardboard for a jeweller detail view Presentation folder champagne gold metallic with linear lacquer structures Gold metallic self-adhesive label for a gin with printing and textured lacquer (detail view) Offer folder with gold foil stamping and UV gloss varnish on cardboard in detail view Logo Security sticker made of paper in metallic silver look against counterfeiting attempts, punched in a circle


Hot foil stamping red metallic with structure embossing (microembossing) on coated paper Hot foil stamping light green metallic on grey cardboard for an invitation Wing folder red metallic made of simsa MetalPaper Cherry Red with printing in lacquer effect Hot foil stamping 2-colour and deep embossing on book cover Hot foil stamping orange metallic on uncoated paper Hot foil stamping pink/magenta and UV varnish Hot foil stamping metallic blue Orange screen print and black hot foil stamping on coarse linen structure for a book cover Hot foil stamping metallic turquoise Hot foil stamping copper metallic on magazine cover

Hologram effect

Packaging with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text hot foil stamping copper Printed plastic tag with hologram effect silver light reflecting Hologram effect with glazed overprinting Hologram effect gold on champagne packaging Sparkling wine cardboard with hologram effect transparent to simulate the rising bubbles in sparkling wine Hot foil stamping with hologram effect silver reflex on a magazine title Hologram effect MetalPaper Rainbow Silver, iridescent in rainbow colours Catalogue cover with silver metallic hologram lens effect with depth effect and mirror image, text screen printing Hologram effect silver in flowing design on a book cover Hologram effect silver with glazed overprinting, partial background in opaque white

Possible substrates

Possible printing methods

Possible further processing