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  • Achieve WOW effects with your customers!
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Print finishing

Print finishing is here to give you more!

Print finishing is the creation of added value on a print product that goes far beyond printing only text and photos!

In many cases, this is done through emotions created by print finishing:

  • great eye-catcher that invites you to engage with your printed product.
  • reinforcement of the printed advertising message
  • Standing out from the crowd and being crucial to your competitive success
  • Subconscious, positive attributions to your products
  • Building trust in your company and brand
  • Extending attention span and length of engagement
  • Increasing recall and recognition
  • Appealing to multiple senses
  • Higher response rates for mailings
  • Psychological purchase incentives in packaging designed to trigger buying impulses

However, the added benefits can also be purely technical, such as in the areas of anti-counterfeiting or extending the life span of printed products through protective surface coatings.

Print enhancement is the finishing touch for sophisticated print products, often eye-catching at a distance and hand-pleasing to the touch at the same time.

Print finishing = paper finishing = cardboard finishing = often also plastic finishing

  • We offer paper finishing, for example on business cards, certificates or image brochures.
  • We offer cardboard finishing, for example on books, folding boxes or product tags.
  • We offer plastic finishing, for example on cover sheets or stickers.

Many effects and many materials, all from one source at simsa!

How does that work? Through many different effects, in almost endless combinations:

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