Surface protection

Longer service life of printed matters thanks to protective coating

Many print products are exposed to stresses such as moisture, dirt, tensile forces or abrasion. Whether it's a book cover, menu card, sticker or billboard, our surface protection can help you extend the life of your print product! In addition, it looks good for a longer period of time and is usually also visually enhanced, for example with matte or gloss effects.

Film lamination on paper and cartons

Everyday items made of paper and cardboard, such as books, catalogs or menu cards, are often picked up, pushed around, put into bags with other things or even accidentally spilled on. Film lamination, also called "Cellophanierung" in Austria, provides a remedy against premature wear on paper and cardboard products. In this process, a wafer-thin plastic film is bonded to the entire surface of the printed paper sheet. This provides protection, makes prints wipeable with a damp cloth and increases their tear resistance.

In the course of the increasing discussion on the subject of plastic, we are more and more being asked about the environmental aspect of film lamination. Our opinion: Film lamination is justified if it is indispensable for a technical solution or if it extends the service life of a product and thus makes sense in the overall eco-balance. Based on these considerations, film laminations are even partially approved for the Austrian eco-label. However, please do not laminate disposable products such as flyers.

Protective laminates on adhesive film and plastics

Stickers and boards are also often subject to heavy wear and tear. Whether it's rotating brushes in car washes, construction workers accidentially touching it with tools, hosing down dirt with a high-pressure cleaner, or simply wiping over it with a kitchen sponge: Here as well a protective coating extends the life of the product and keeps it legible and beautiful for longer.

To achieve this, transparent laminates are bonded to the printed material over the entire surface. This is also referred to as lamination.

Sizes film lamination on paper and carton

We film laminate for you from a minimum of 220x220mm to 1,020x1,420mm sheet size and on paper grammages from around 100 to approx. 450g/m².

Sizes protective laminates on stickers and plastics

We laminate for you up to a maximum material thickness of 35mm, in inlet widths of up to 1,600mm and material lengths of up to around 3,000mm.

Laminating foils with structure embossing

Foil lamination in structure embossing Fine linen on paper Foil lamination in structure embossing sand grain on paper Foil lamination in structure embossing brushing on paper