Logistics, Shipping & B2B Webshops

Logistics & Shipping

We are also happy to take the hassle out of shipping for you. We pack and ship according to your specifications. We are also happy to organize the collection of different types or the dispatch to different addresses according to your distribution list. If you wish, we can also deliver anonymously with your delivery bill as the sender.

For customers with the need for a central warehouse for call-off orders, we also offer appropriate storage facilities.

B2B Webshops

For larger corporate structures, we can provide you with a tailormade webshop, i.e. your internal, company-owned web store. Such a B2B Internet print store gives you many advantages:

  • Constant and real-time insight into current call-offs or productions for branches
  • Overview through order history
  • Standardized print forms with control by the company headquarters
  • Possibility of assigning different rights for individual users
  • Previews and all important details on individual products at a glance
  • Better conditions thanks to company-wide procurement instead of small-scale individual orders
  • And most importantly: clarity and time savings for your administration!